Token Access Overview

Expand your promotions with Token Gating on NiftyKit.
Token access or token gate is a utility feature that comes with your subscription to NiftyKit (or DropKit Pass NFT). Token access gives users the ability to create an exclusive, gated experience for their NFT holders.
You can set Token Access pages per token or range of tokens. For example - Holders of NFT #1 to #5 from your collection/drop can access certain special/exclusive content, while holders of NFT #6 - #100 will access general (standard) content. This is similar to OpenSea Unlockables.
This experience can be messages, embedded URL content (images, audio, videos, and any other forms of embeddable media content), or have the holders redirected to another URL.
Once created, you can share the link with your NFT holders for instant access. Perfect for any content creator including visual artists, musicians, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, filmmakers, influencers, and more!
This feature is available for both Classic and DropKit collections.
These embeddable files can be saved in both decentralized (IPFS) and centralized (web2) sources (Google Drive, DropBox, etc).