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Learn how to create your token access for your NFT collection

Creating Your Token Access

On your NiftyKit dashboard, select [Create] to open a dropdown menu. Select [New Token Access] to prepare your new Token Gate.
Click "Create" button beside your profile to navigate to token access

Creating Token Access In Your Drop Collection

You can also directly create your token access inside your Drop dashboard under the [Token Access Tab]
Token Access in your Drop Dasshboard
Here are some of the required fields for your Token Access Details:
  • Network - Choose Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon Matic, or Optimism.
  • Name - Write in the name for your token access
  • Contract Address To Allow Access - Must be an ERC721 or ERC721a collection contract address.
You can use any other existing contracts to Token Gate. For example, you can choose to give BAYC holders unique token access. Token Access is not applicable to ERC-1155 contracts.

Token Access Page:

Only NFT holders of the contract address you indicated can access your exclusive content. They must connect to NiftyKit using the same wallet address that owns/ holds the NFT/s to access your content.
To share your Token Access link, click the three dots of your token access, and choose copy link.
Copy link to your Token Access Page