Drop Collection Overview

Create your first generative drop, control the reveal, minting process and more.
DropKit is our innovative, easy-to-use toolkit to help you with generative drops or 10k+ NFT projects. It allows creators to seamlessly create smart contracts, upload assets, and prepare for launch.
DropKit also helps you lazy-mint your NFTs, saving you the burden of gas fees on larger drop quantities (100-1,000,000+ units).

List of DropKit Features:

Marketplace Sales Controls
Locking NFTs on specific marketplaces so they cannot be transferred or traded in any way
Project Collaboration
Grant read/write access to individual NFT projects to finally collaborate with teammates, friends, or contributors.
NiftyKit Team Pass
Allows you to define access roles and permit other users to control your smart contracts. With just one pass you can add your entire team and turn NiftyKit into a collaborative team experience. All members added receive full access to NiftyKit, including the ability to create new collections + inherit the same sales fee percentage.
Customize your own mint button (unlike widget builder that is style/design-limited)
Winter SDK Integration
Credit Card Minting Button on your website
No-code Widget builder
Embed the mint button to your website. Copy and paste the generated code to your website.
Drop Mint Page
NiftyKit creates a drop page for you where your collectors can mint. No need to create your own website
Website and Social media links
Add your website and social media links to the drop site so collectors can easily find you
Batch Airdrop
Batch Airdrop up to 250 NFTs at the same time and save gas fees with ERC-721A
Set pre-sale anytime. Change mint prices. set limit of mints per wallet anytime
Waitlist Page
Create a waitlist page to collect wallet addresses for your pre-sale
Public Sale
Open the Sale to everyone
Withdraw function that’s fully controlled by the owner
Batch upload
Import your Asset and metadata with just a click
CSV Import/Export
Easily batch-edit and back up your Assets and Metadata
Reveal all at once or choose a custom range without exposing important metadata for tokens that have not been minted.
NiftyKit API- Edit metadata on the fly. Anytime
API Access Key - An Option to bulk upload your NFTs if you have large files
Networks- Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, Polygon
Smart Contract Types - ERC 721, ERC-721a
Allows Revenue Split