Member Permissions

Understand the level of access you can grant your team

Roles and Permissions

Collection Owner

A Collection Owner is the creator of the contract. They own the wallet address that was used to mint the collection.
A Collection Owner can be a Pass Holder or an invited Pass Member. They have full access to the collection and can invite Collection Admins and/or Collection Members.

Collection Admin

A Collection Admin has full access to the collection. To be able to see and manage the project, the Collection Admin needs to be invited as a Collection Member or logged in using the same account as the Collection Owner.
A Collection Admin needs to be a Collection Admin and a Collection Member at the same time for them to be able to see and manage the drop on their NiftyKit account.

Collection Member (Viewer)

A Collection Member, aka Viewer, is someone who has been invited to the collection by the Collection Owner or Collection Admin.
They can view the details of the project, but will not be able to manage it (cannot access any contract transactions).
Features accessible to viewers are limited to:
  • SDK Public Key
  • Embed Mint button Widget Builder