Launching Your Drop (Public Sale)

Learn how to set your price and type of sale for your NFT drop collection

Step 1: Prepare Your Drop

Before launching your drop, you will need to set a few key values to set it up. Within DropKit, tap on [Prepare Drop] to open a dialog where you can modify the price and type of sale.

Step 2: Drop Launch

DropKit is flexible in that it allows you to set your price, max mints per wallet (meaning how many NFT's a particular wallet can mint), add revenue splits and much more on each sale. Your contract is flexible so you're able to cater better to your community. When you're ready, tap [Start Sale] to begin your first drop.
Worried about starting your drop? Don't be! Your drop can always be paused at any time if needed, allowing you to update metadata, pricing etc.
DropKit Prepare Drop Dialog