Withdrawing Your Funds

Learn how to withdraw your funds on NiftyKit.

Withdraw Your Funds

Once your drop has started selling, you're eligible to withdraw funds from your drop contract. With NiftyKit, there is no need to wait until your drop has sold out – feel free to withdraw at any time. You can view your total earnings on the Drop Overview tab.
DropKit – Drop Overview Tab

Withdrawing Funds Directly on Etherscan/Polygonscan

Creators can also interact directly on etherscan and Polygonscan. Learn how you can d irectly withdraw your funds without subscription or DropKit pass.

Step 1: Go to Etherscan

  • Head to your etherscan/polygon scan link. There are three ways to do this
    • Click the link from your Niftykit drop page
    • Click it on OpenSea
    • search your contract address directly on etherscan/polygonscan
On your drop page click the etherscan/polygon scan button at the top right corner
​Make sure you are on the contract level. Click your contract address on the profile summary.​ The link should be[Your contract address]
Contract Etherscan link

Step 2: Go to Contract Tab

  • Once you are on the contract level of your etherscan/polygonscan. Go to the Contract tab then click on write contract. Connect to Web3 with the original wallet (ownership wallet).
​Write Contract on your Etherscan or Polygonscan of your Smart Contract
Write Contract on Etherscan

Step 3. Withdraw

  • Connect your wallet first using the same wallet address you used to create the contract and head over to Withdraw and click [write].