Presale Management

Learn how to create a Pre-sale Access List for your NFT drop collection.

Create an Access List (aka Presale List, Whitelist, or Mint List)

Set up a whitelist for your drop by navigating to the [Presale List] tab within Drop Dashboard. From here you can add any wallet or smart contract address.
Pre-sale Dashboarf NFT Drop Collection

Uploading your Waitlist

On your pre-sale tab, go to [Setup] button to upload your pre-sale list or waitlist CSV or add your collector's wallet address individually.
Pre-sale setupload: Upload wallet address list (waitlist)
You can download the template here:
CSV template for Pre-sale list
  • Quantity refers to the mint limit per wallet for the pre-sale phase

Setting Mint Limit for Pre-sale

You can limit the number of mints allowable per wallet on your pre-sale. Set maximum mint on your CSV, and set the [quantity] to the number of mints you want to allow per wallet.
However, your [quantity] should not exceed the [Max NFTs per Wallet] on your pre-sale setup.
Your contract will follow [Max NFTs per Wallet] whenever [quantity] is higher.
Start pre-sale
Hit [Publish list] to submit the list to your contract. Not publishing it will only save it on the NiftyKit UI and collectors on the list won't be able to mint on your pre-sale