Waitlist Management

Learn how to collect wallet address for your drop.
To create your waitlist page, you must first create your contract, and set a pre-reveal asset. However, waitlist is not available for contracts created before June 30, 2022
Click [Prepare Drop] to access the waitlist set up for your drop. If your waitlist section is still greyed out, upload the pre-reveal asset first. Learn more about pre-reveal assets here.
Here's a step-by-step on how to set up your waitlist/ WL page.

Step 1: Start Waitlist

Click on Start Waitlist. This is free and will not ask for any gas fee transaction. You can stop collecting wallet addresses, and restart this anytime for your pre-sale.

Step 2: Share your Waitlist page

Once your waitlist is live, your waitlist page will be accessible in your drop page link. Get your shareable link by clicking on the link as shown below.
A waitlist helps you build and collect interest in your NFT project prior to your drop.
The waitlist will collect the following info from each submission:
  • Wallet address
Once collected, this info will be added to your presale list.
As an additional security step, the waitlist will require all entries to solve a captcha prior to submission to avoid bots joining your waitlist or presale.