Credit Card Minting Support

Learn about our latest feature that allows creators to add a Winter wallet widget that supports minting NFTs via credit card.
The DropKit widget builder is now configured with Winter to support NFT minting using credit cards. Here are the steps you can follow to add Winter widgets to your mint page:

1) Setting Up Winter:

  • You can start this process by creating an account on Winter. On your "Project" dashboard on Winter, you may then add your project by clicking "New Project". Here are the next steps you can follow to complete your Winter integration on DropKit.js:
    1. 1.
      On the "Network" tab, select your network - Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon.
    2. 2.
      On "Project Name" - write out the name of your collection as on NiftyKit.
    3. 3.
      Select the "ERC" type, which would be ERC721.
    4. 4.
      On the next tab for smart contract address, paste your contract address.
    5. 5.
      Next, you will need to find out and copy/paste an ABI. Follow the steps below to find your ABI:
      1. 1.
        Go to etherscan (or polygonscan) and type in your contract address.
      2. 2.
        Navigate to the contract tab, and scroll down until you reach the "ABI" section.
      3. 3.
        Copy and paste the ABI code into the ABI tab on Winter.
    6. 6.
      After this, you will see an option to add a Mint function name.
      1. 1.
        In case you have opted for a presale, type in: presaleMintTo
      2. 2.
        In case of public sale, type in: mintTo
    7. 7.
      Next, for the brand image, add the URL for your logo/banner, etc.
    8. 8.
      On the next section, "Mint function params" type in:
      1. 1.
        For presale - address, amount, allowed, merkleProof
      2. 2.
        For public sale - address, amount
    9. 9.
      Next, for the "Type of pricing", select -> dynamic pricing.
    10. 10.
      After this, type in the "Price function name" as price. This function reads directly from the smart contract set in your NiftyKit/DropKit smart contract, so you do not need to type out the price on this tab.
The Winter wallet also allows you to set allowlists/whitelists, but for the sake of avoiding redundancy, you can use the allowlist functions already on your NiftyKit dashboard.

2) DropKit Widget Embed

  • Once your Winter wallet is set up, you can then follow the installation guides for DropKit.js as they are to embed the mint button on your website(s).

3) Add Code To SDK

  • After this, you may then add the code below to the SDK to finalize your Winter wallet integration. Your mint button will now add the option to mint NFTs via credit card!
<script type="module" src=""></script>
<nk-winter-checkout project-id="WINTER-PROJECT-ID" apikey="NIFTYKIT-SDK-KEY" />
Please note that the Winter team will need to manually activate your minting button. Once you have created the button, please feel free to contact Winter on their website or Discord, and have them activate your mint button from their end.