Editing Metadata on NiftyKit API

Learn how to edit your metadata in DropKit pre-sale and post-sale.
Using DropKIt, you can edit the image and metadata, and re-arrange the order of tokens pre-mint and post-mint.
Editing metadata on DropKit is only applicable when you save your metadata on our NIftyKit API.
There are two ways to edit your metadata:
  • Bulk Editing using CSV Export tool
  • Manual editing on DropKit Dashboard

Bulk Editing

The easiest way to edit multiple metadata is through exporting your CSV and making the changes there and re-import. You can also re-order your tokens.
  1. 1.
    Choose [CSV Import/Export export] under the NFTs tab in your DropKit dashboard. This will export your recent metadata.
  2. 2.
    Edit your CSV file in Microsoft Excel, google sheets or any compatible application.
  3. 3.
    Save your new/updated CSV file.
  4. 4.
    Re-import your CSV files back to the CSV Import Export button.
DropKit CSV Import/Export

Manual Editing (only for NiftyKit API)

You can edit NFT metadata directly on NiftyKit, provided that you have stored your metadata in NiftyKit's API. In case you would want to edit metadata for a specific NFT (or a few NFTs) from your collection, DropKit makes it easy.
Because you're using NiftyKit's API, these changes do not require a contract/blockchain call and will be applied instantly. This means that you will not need to pay gas fees while editing.
There are two edit options on DropKit Dashboard. These changes will reflect on marketplaces even after your collectors have minted your NFTs.
  • Edit Name & Description- Under the NFT tab, Directly edit the name and description per token. Simply double-click on the cell you want to edit and erase or type directly as shown below. It will auto-save once you click outside the cell.
Editing metadata directly on DropKIt dashboard
  • Edit Button For Properties - To change the properties manually, simply click the edit button to make changes. You can also edit the Title, asset, and description here.
DroopKIt Token Edit button