Saving Metadata: NiftyKit API vs IPFS

Learn when to store your metadata in Niftykit API or IPFS

NiftyKit API

  • Edit Metadata:
    • Works best if you want to edit metadata pre-mint or post-mint. Always edit metadata for 0 gas fees. On NiftyKit API, you can both edit the placeholder images and the actual NFT itself. Minted or unminted.
    • With NiftyKit API creators can keep updating your metadata to serve as a great marketing tool as well. Learn more in our Case Studies section.
  • Manage Reveal Modes
  • Data Protection:
    • Hide the traits/metadata of unminted NFTs when you choose to reveal-as-you-mint


IPFS is one of the most common decentralized file storage platforms on web3.
  • Stored per web3/decentralized standards
    • Gives validation to your current and future collectors that your assets are stored per web3/decentralized standards.
  • Freeze Revealed Metadata
    • Best only if you are sure of a sold-out collection because you assure your collectors that you will not and can not make changes or modify the metadata at any time in the future.
  • Exposed IPFS link
    • Exposed IPFS link on your blockchain explorer (etherscan, polygonscan, optimistic). People can view all of your assets and scope out the best ones.
Once your NFT metadata is stored in IPFS, you won't be able to manage your reveal modes.