Open Editions

Open Editions
Open Editions allow creators to sell an unlimited number of copies of their artwork within a single collection. This type of edition is perfect for artists who want to make their artwork accessible to a larger audience without limiting the number of pieces that can be sold.
Best Practices for Open Editions
Consider setting a price that is accessible to a wide range of collectors, while still providing fair compensation for your work.
Regularly monitor your sales and inventory to ensure that your edition is performing as expected.
Consider promoting your Open Edition through social media or other marketing channels to increase visibility and sales.
Use Cases
  • Emerging artists who want to build their brand and increase their exposure to a wider audience.
  • Established artists who want to offer more affordable versions of their artwork to collectors.
  • Artists who want to experiment with different pricing strategies and test the market demand for their artwork.
  • Creators who want to offer their artwork as a collectible item that can be easily purchased and traded within the NFT marketplace.
  • Artists who want to monetize their artwork by selling prints or other merchandise related to their Open Edition.